9’’, 2015 / Documentary / Format: HD

Cargi (20) and Tayfun (23) are brothers;they come from a small village near the Munzur valley.In France, they are Kurdish refugees.They work in construction to earn a living.

When I was studying abroad at L'École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris, I made the documentary Munzur about two brothers originally from a small village near the Munzur Valley in Turkey. They work in construction in order to make a living. By following their daily routine, I made a portrait where I tried to capture their inner state that lies between the past and the now and conveys their incertitude for the future. The film resonates a sense of belonging, a search for home, aspects that speaks to all of us; I make films where the human is central, about presence, absence and a narrative void, to raise questions about the paths we take.